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121 Session Blueprint 30 minutes

This session will shift your mindset towards Preventive health like how you can save money while learning right Postures.

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Deepankar Dass

My name is Dr.Deepankar Das (3D), am a Workplace Posture Expert & Founder of Workplace Posture Hub.
I Am on a mission to help 100,000 IT professionals to work Pain-Free lifestyle by transforming their Posture using Ergonomic Science

Dr. Deepankar (MPT in CardioPulmonary)

A Workplace Wellness Coach, Author of Amazon bestseller book Ergonomics for Corporates, a member of the Indian Society of Ergonomics, head of ergonomics training at Max Healthcare, and founder of PhysioErgo – a leading specialty physiotherapy and ergonomics clinic at Gurugram.

A strong proponent of “Work healthy, Live healthy”, Dr Deepankar has conducted Ergonomics assessment and training programs at over 165 organizations and addressed over 95,000 people through his numerous appearances as a keynote speaker at leading Physiotherapy and Ergonomics conferences across India. He is also working very actively with schools to ensure postural corrections are made at the formative age before they become habits and cause irreversible harm in the long term. Dr. Deepankar is widely published in trade journals, news dailies, and online blogs as a leading voice on Ergonomics.

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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